Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Portable water,lollies and a holiday.

I'm going for a run this arvo. Its been a while, a l o n g while since my last run. I made an eBay purchase for running and it's awesome! Check it out...

Its a Camelback that goes around you waist and its perfect for me because I'm ALWAYS thirsty, especially when jogging. By the time I finish a run I'm so dying for a drink my tongue is pretty much stuck to the top of my mouth. With this groovy thing I can sip to my hearts content the entire jog...hands free! Sure I look like a bit of a tosser but who cares! Best darn invention ever.

Hmmm, maybe I'll fill it up with Iced Coffee (& a few ice blocks) and i can sip it slowly all day. yummm!

* * * * * *
Today I'm making a real effort to eat more like a human and less like a freak. I had oats n yoghurt for breaky and a cheese & salad sandwich for lunch. We're having chicken & vegies for dinner and I bought a huge pumpkin to make some Pumpkin soup. Vitamins...yeah, what a concept!

* * * * * *

I sent my Mum and Dad one of these yesterday. No reason really, just wanted to let them know I love them and thought I'd help to rott their teeth a little!!

A kilo of lollies!!

They'll love it & so will their dentist.

* * * * * *

3 months today we're off to New Zealand skiing again. Yeehaar. I'd better get exercising and move some blubber from my butt before I attempt skiing down the mountains again . Actually come to think of it the extra padding might help since I seem to spend the majority of the time on my butt. I swear I fell over 500 times last year. It was fun though.

I LOVED skiing, will post a skiing pic just to get my excitement going again. I wish I'd learnt to ski 10 years ago.

he he he... looks like I'm skiing up hill, although it's more likely I'm sliding down backwards..aaarrrggghh! Heeeelp.

What a boring blog post today.



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Jennafina said...

No doubt about you miss gadget queen, mmmmmm your camelback pack, looks like it needs an oxygen mask attached to it!!!! sure its not a mini portable oxygen cylinder??? Anyway you go girl.