Thursday, November 02, 2006

BB Wk 5, FB Wk 2


I'm just having a moment of hard core realisation that I've actually stuck to this challenge for 5 weeks already! Okay I haven't been 100% perfect, but I've made some amazing diet and lifestyle changes that were waaaayyy overdue, and I have to 'fess I feel darn PROUD! I already feel so much fitter, stronger and motivated. I can feel changes in my clothes and have had comments from others noticing differences in my shape (thats a great feeling!).

I've had added guidance and motivation from Kerryn (and the occasional kick up the butt), and I really feel like this 'new way of life' is here to stay. Its very empowering!

Well today has been weird so far.
I got up at 0445 (ugh) to go to the gym before work, I was supposed to be working a 12 hr shift today to cover Tiff who has been sick. Knowing I was to be working 7am til 7pm meant I wasn't going to get a chance to workout after wk, so I did my morning w'out, ate breaky, packed all my food for the day and zoomed off to work.
I walked in to find Tiff there!!! She said she felt okay enough to work!! So I came home and jumped back into bed for 2 hours Zzzzz, nice! But it's kinda thrown me out of whack, I've been a bit 'lost' and out of routine this morning.

Yesterdays food' n' fitness..

(Arvo shift)
0900 Gym - 50 mins cardio
1000 - Protein Pancakes with SF syrup and 2 Tblspns LF Yoghurt
1240 - Mango Protein smoothie (Frozen mango, 2 Tblspn Yoghurt, ice, PP, 1/3 cup sk milk)
1400 - 1/2 an egg sandwich
1500 - 5 Corn thins with Hom

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