Sunday, November 26, 2006

Goodbye my trusty brick!!

Phew! JUST scraped in!! ('Xcuse the ugly feet)

Less than 74kg EQUALS.... you guessed it......

I have had a huge smile on my face since. I'm chuffed, yay me, yippee, thank you scales.
After oohing and ahhhing at the counter for a good 3o minutes, I went with a black 8GB Nano instead of a Pink (my fave colour) 4GB Nano. Don't know why, maybe i thought one day i'd actually find 2000 songs to put on it??!! Ha, yeah right! So i compensated and got a bright pink arm thingy. It's soooo tiny compared to my old ipod 'brick'! Can't wait to go for a run tomorrow and try it out, I'll feel soooo cooool!
Okay, time to focus on the next 6 kg. Might have to make more mini goals and 'rewards' coz it's fun!
I'm off to play with my pod.


Suzi said...

hang in there girl u can do it- stay away from the cakes in the fridge - actually get rid of them - there tooo tempting, get plenty of exercise and tell friends and family to lay off the cakes too. heeee...

Kek said...

Nice work Andrea.

Ugly feet? Ha! Show me anyone who has PRETTY feet.