Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Instead of Champers

Melbourne Cup day! A heap of challenges to overcome! I had the day off, but went in to work for the cup luncheon... to be confronted with fried chicken, spring rolls, quiches, mudcake, carrot cake.. actually there were about 6 different kinds of cakes..ugh!

Luckily... I wasn't actually that hungry! PHEW! I had some chicken breast, carrots, lettuce, a boiled egg and 4 Strawberries! Oh, and instead of champers I took my trusty Coke zero - what a saviour.

I didn't even come close to backing a winner, I don't know why I insist on wasting my money every year betting on a horse or going in a sweep, it's quite ridiculous. I'm sure I'll still do exactly the same thing next year.

Food n fitness for today...

0900 rise (mmmm sleep in, big one!)
0915: Protein pancakes with SF syrup & 2 Tbspn yoghurt
1200: Cup lunch (as above)
1500: 4 premiums with smear of P.Paste (100%)
1930: Thai Beef salad.
2100: 4 Strawberries, 1/2 Banana 3 Tbspn FF yoghurt. Cup of coffee

1645: I went to the gym with Tan to do resistance training, lots of bufoony guys in there using weights, so we went for a 30 minute run then did weights.

I'm feeling really good. Kerryn phoned today which was great, we had a long chat about a few food issues, nice to have someone looking over my shoulder! (even if it is long distance)

I'm off to bed, I'm meeting Tan at the gym at 6am.

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