Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Night shift is STILL for quokkas!

Yep, I'm back in the land of nights. I do have to fess tho that when my head actually hit the pillow this morning it was the beeesst most cozy feeling ever. I'm sure I was asleep within 5 seconds. I slept until my alarm woke me at 15:45!

Tan and I swam this arvo... we havent been for ages and it was really nice for a change. We both suffered from baggy-boardies syndrome but managed 40 laps no probs. We then did an airport jog. Bloody school teachers were hogging the gym again, so we missed weights and opted for the run instead. Did a few intervals on the run and it's amazing how sore my legs feel now. Hmm, maybe it was the faster running pace, maybe the swimming has worked diff muscles too.

Food for today...

0600 - Iced Coffee - (Jen bought me one into work, I HAD to drink it!!)
1615 - Protein porridge, Coke zero
1930 - Cottage cheese/yoghurt/berry blend with Almonds
2230 - 3/4 Protein bar and coffee

I've made a healthy eggwhite omelette to have later in the shift. Hopefully it'll stop me snacking on bad stuff.

I'm planning to wake up and do weights tomorrow at the gym with Tan.


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