Thursday, November 23, 2006

Plan, plan a bit more, then plan even more!

Another day in the life of the nightshift zombie.
All i feel like doing is snooooozing ZZzzzzzz

Food n fitness for today...

Woke up at 2pm (Thanks K!)
1500: Protein porridge
1700: 60 minute gym workout with Tan. Resistance & a bit of cardio.
1900: Thai Beef salad
2215: Cottage cheese /yoghurt /berry thing & coffee

I have some Corn thins and hommus for later, porridge if I'm starving. I'll just ahve to see how i feel. Nightshift makes my tastebuds go weird... i seem to like eating 'breakfast-like' foods all the time.

Kerryn spoke to me today about planning- planning- planning. I NEEDA plan! If i don't, i seem to find 'easy' alternatives which usually mean fattening 'no-thought' foods. I want to see the scales DOWN on Monday when i jump on em!

32 days til Christmas!


PS Did anyone notice my new blog colours?? Snazzy eh?

1 comment:

Kek said...

Repeat after me: Plan. Plan. P.L.A.N.

There. Easy, see?