Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hungry Caterpillar

I was going soooo well.
'Was' being the word of note in that last sentence.

Did well on Melbourne cup day.
Did well the next day - especially since half the leftover food was still in the fridge at work!
Then bombed on Thursday. I had to travel to Kalgoorlie & back(2.5hrs away) for a work meeting thingy and managed to scoff myself stupid ALL day. Ugh.

Yesterday I did okay but then had chocolate and a milk drink in the arvo.

Today I had 2 (yes TWO) milk drinks (iced coffee... 600ml ones), oh and a caramel slice. Obviously my brain was turned OFF when i decided to let that reach my lips. aaarrrggghh.

I HATE Iced coffee, I mean I love to drink it, but I hate that it turns me into a sneaky crazy obsessed woman who feels she HAS to have one... it's a complete psychological addiction.

NOT a good day , actually not a good few days.
Very dissapointing Andrea.
Need some pick me ups and words of encouragement big time!

1 comment:

Kek said...

Hey Andrea.... get that positive mindset back, and that's an order!

I tried to ring yesterday, but you weren't home....Text me and let me know when you're free so I can call and kick your mean, have a chat. :p