Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Don't drink n garden

Wayne has gone to Perth for 2 nights to visit his family. Me, well i was finally to enjoy a day off work after dropping him at the airport. Ohh the peace and tranquility of having no agenda... nice! Well at least thats how my day started. I was busy basking in glory to Tan via email about how my day off was going sooo great, pottering around the house, nothing major i had to achieve for the day just really happy doing my own thing and not having to work. I was trying to make the difficult decision of when to plan my Nana-nap for the day... before i watched a DVD, or after my magazine reading in a relaxing bath.
Then the phone rang.
It was work.
It was Nik & she said... 'I think I'm a bit out of my depth here, there's been a car roll over and I'm really worried about one of the patients'
With that i threw on some shoes, grabbed my work bag and drove to the hospital. God, what a nightmare.... 8 casualties from a rollover, plus another outpatient with seizures - and no Doctor in town. It was a freakin disaster zone. My day off turned into 6 hours of overtime. Oh well, atleast they all survived, joys of working in the bush i guess.

I sat out the front tonight with Tan and Peta, we had a 'picnic on the lawn' - a few drinks and some snacks and lots of girly talk, it was great! Jen stopped by on her scooter, then Ward came and joined us and tried hard to be a girl (??!) While i was out there i started looking at how dismal my garden beds were; overgrown, weeds galore, crunchy bits, long sprouty bits.
Then i started pruning. Snipping away happily. Chop, chop, hack, snip, snip-snip, chop. I was like Edward scissor hands ( minus the creative outcome). i went all out plant-hacker crazy. Chop, crunch, snip, chop. Now i think my garden looks worse. Just a word of warning to everyone to leave the pruning till there is not a drop of alcohol flowing through you. Hopefully i havent killed everything.

Funny thing for today: Tans Dad bought her a coffee machine for Christmas, she got it today. She said it's really nice - very flash. One slight problem, she hates coffee and always has!! How funny is that!!?? I just cracked up! Its not like you can really use it for anything else. Atleast now I might be able to get a decent coffee when i go to her place - if i take my own beans.

gotta go to bed
'night x

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Anonymous said...


We told you not to hack the garden, that you would regret it when you saw it in the morning.
Anyone for COFFEEEEEEEEE!!!!!