Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Severed limbs and penetrating chest wounds

We had our Mock emergency scenario today. It was a light plane crash, with 8 passengers ( 7 injured and 1 deceased at the scene).
I had to write injury lists for all the victims and came into work at 1:30pm armed with my creativity and face painting kit to help 'make -up the victims'. We had lots of burns, lacerations and a severed limbs to create. It was fun. I then went home and waited for the call from the hospital to attend as back up, once they had received the first emergency notification (around 3pm). I think we did well and managed to 'save' everyone except the DOA dude.
I managed to get home just after 5pm and get another 2 hours sleep in before coming in to work at 9pm for night shift. So I'm a bit sleep deprived, and I missed the obligatory post-disaster-pub-drinks with all the cops, ambo's and firies because I'm working. Boo.

No fitness for me today due to the above
Food (continued from early morning )

0500: Oats n splenda. Cup of coffee
0830: snooze
1300: Protein bar & Diet coke
2000: Chow Mein (homemade & healthy)
2330: Yoghurt/cc/berry thingy & coffee

I soooo nearly had an Iced coffee and nut bar splurge today. When i got up at 1pm to go to work (to paint the vicitims), I was groggy and hungry and bad Drea said 'Mmmm Iced coffee on the way to work would be yummy'. Amazingly in my zombied state I had a moment of clarity, pinched my bulgy wobbly belly, focused on my future bikini body goal and reached for a Protein bar and Diet coke instead. Phew! Close shave.

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