Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Its 2am and it's so quiet here at work its almost spooky. My fellow worker is watching TV and i'm blogging so between us we're really quite non-productive! There is something about the 2nd night shift that especially sucks, somehow its always the night i feel the worst
How i feel...
1st night: Crappy
2nd night: Majorly crappy
3rd night: Still crappy
4th night: Fantastic and full of energy.... just in time to swap back to day shift.

I have A.D.D on night shift. I can't seem to stay on task for longer than 10 minutes. I have the computer with about 10 diff pages open, i have a trashy mag half read that i flip thru every few minutes, Christmas cards waiting to be written, scenarios to write for tomorrows dreaded Mock disaster (half done), a roster that needs a few changes made to it and a protocol for snake bites I'm supposed to read. Can't seem to stick to one thing and complete it, just flick from task to task, there is crap all over the desk, it looks like the 'disaster' isn't 'mock', it's sitting here on the desk in front of me!

I woke at 2pm today, decided to get up and go to the gym instead of waiting to go with Tan at 5pm (incase i needed more snooze later).
I did 20 minutes solo-squash (am trying to sneakily skill up to beat Tan!) before the roof ate my squash ball. Spewing... it was a brand new, freshly-stolen-from-husbands-gymbag quality ball! It got 20 minutes of use before a dodgy return of mine sent it flying into the rafters. Boo. No ball = no more squash so i retreated to the gym and did my weights session instead.

Food for today & last night
0200- yoghurt/berry/cc thingy
0500- Oats n splenda
0800 - snooze
1430 - Protein coffee shake (1 cup skim milk, h2o, ice, splenda, instant coffee)
1530 - gym
1915 - 2 lean lamb steaks (beautifully marinated & cooked by husband) with salad

Tuesday (so far..)
0200 - Yoghurt/cc/berry thingy & cup of tea

Hmm, back to my magazine, no maybe I'll do the roster changes... oh hang on, i also bought a novel... might have a read.


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