Saturday, December 09, 2006

The new love of my life

I'm back!
Man that week went fast....zoooooom.
I have a new love in my life. He's got big blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, 12 teeth and the cheekiest grin ever.

Meet Tom, my beautiful nephew.

I've just spent the entire week with him, and although I loved him to bits before the trip, spending the last seven days with him was great fun. I'm now having serious separation anxiety... boo. I want to ring my brother ten times a day just to find out what my little string-bean nephew is up to. I want to hear his excited squeal & funny words 'Ah-bah'... Awww, i think he's making me clucky.
I took about ten thousand photos of him, poor kid wouldn't recognise his Aunty Drea without a camera wedged in front of her face.
Anyway I've had a great week relaxing, hanging with my folks.. sleeping, eating, sleeping, fishing, sleeping, more fishing, eating, sleeping, more eating, more sleeping.
Get the drift?
Mmmm, not alot of exercise and good eating was performed by this 12 week blitzer last week.

I'm not going to dwell on it, I'm not proud of my efforts but i feel amazingly relaxed and rejuv'ed.

I went for an hour walk and one 30 minute run - which if you consider what went into my mouth- then it doesn't even register as fitness. My run was along the Bibbulmun track behind Mum and Dads, i made Dad come with me (I'm a chicken in the bush on my own) he walked while I ran up and back circling him the whole time. He thought i was mad!

Mum and Dads place is on the inlet at Walpole. They have a huge vege patch and Strawberry patch, the Bibbulmun track passes their back yard and they are surrounded by huge Karri & tingle trees and 'the valley of the giants'. Its absolutely amazing... I've spent my whole life visiting that area on a regular occasion (Ma's family all live around there) and I'm still blown away every time i'm there at how beautiful it is.
I went fishing 4 times with my Father bear. We fished off Sandy Beach early in the morning or evening and only caught a couple of fish. Neither dad nor i have any real clue about fishing and just seem to make it up as we go along. Its fun tho and we always have heaps of laughs. I'm 33 years old and i still squeal like a 7 yr old when i actually hook a fish! It's so exciting! I love the whole 'hunter-gatherer' thing about fishing, but I'm not really fond of eating them (but there are lots of people willing to eat my share).
This is dad with our catch from day 2 (yep thats IT!) I caught the King George whiting (on the right) and Belinda ate it for dinner!
Well I'll report later with my food n fitness. I'm back on the wagon again!

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