Friday, December 15, 2006


What do you call a guy with no hair?? Shaun!! ha ha

Husband got a buzz cut. I have no idea what inspired him to shave his hair, he's one of the most hair-neurotic people i know... always stressing about whether it's flat, too fluffy, too long, too short, product/No product... does it look okay Drea? Heck he's had the same hairdresser for the past 15 years, doesn't trust anyone else to touch it... then he gets his mate to shave it. What the??

Maybe the fact he's 1000km from his hairdresser made him shave it for ease of maintenance. He insists it's to stop all the women that are chasing him from constantly phoning him and lining up at the door... dreamer! (he wishes he was being chased)

Anyway, ititially I thought he looked a bit like Chopper (minus the beard), but now i find it okay. I think i prefer a bit of style to his hair, but hey, if i could have shaved hair i probably would. How much easier it'd make my life! Long hair is the pitts when u have to wash it everyday after exercising. Ugh.
Does anyone else think he looks really worried??!

Hmmm, how have i been? Pretty good, except for a lack of exercise the last two days.

My diet has been good but i've felt mega lethargic after nightshift.

Food n Fitness for today
No fitness :-(
0900 - Home made Iced coffee (Kerryn said i could... so there!)
1 cup skim milk, instant coffee, splenda, H2O & lotsa ice
1100 - 1230 - more snooze ZZzzz
1400 - Silverside cheese & salad sandwich on white bread - aarggh
1600 - LF yoghurt
1830 - Ham (lean) huge salad, 1 egg. 1 small Nectarine
2200 - Coffee with splenda
I'm meeting Tan at 8am tomorrow for a gym date. We're going pubbing tomorrow night (to celebrate her birthday) so have to work our butts off in the gym to be able to drink wine guilt-free!! I'm sure after half a glass I'll be sloshed anyway.

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