Sunday, December 31, 2006

Don't mess with an animal lover

I lost my cool yesterday, like reeeaally lost my cool. Thats okay i guess, except it was at a bunch of little 8 year old aboriginal kids.

I was sitting on the front lawn with Tan (yet again enjoying the evening warmth and sunset), when we noticed a heap of kids in the bush with a slingshot trying to ping some poor unassuming birds on a powerline. At first i wasn't overly concerned because their aim was crap and they didn't seem to get within 10 metres of the little beaked-buddies.

Then feathers went flying everywhere... 'pffftt', they'd hit their target, but only managed to maim it. They were all squealing and throwing rocks at the poor thing as it tried to make a frenzied attempt to get away from them. I couldn't bare it, i took off across the road, steam coming out my ears and went ape-shit at them. They shat themselves and ran home. I'm not completely sure why i even bothered, but it did kind of make me feel better, i can't handle senseless cruelty to animals, especially when they're little kids and thats the only way they can amuse themselves. I almost wanted to grab the slingshot to ping them between the eyes for my my own amusement. Little shits.

I went motorbike riding today with the boys. Me, Wayne, Ben and Ward rode our bikes out to Malcolm Dam. Tan, Peta, Brendan and Lewie drove out & met us there. It was great fun, we all took turns hooning around & swapping bikes. Tan learnt how to ride! She was great... picked it up really quickly, a bit more practice and there'll be no stopping her, which will be great because i'll have a girl to ride with! Bonus.

I went to the gym with Tan this morning and we walked in to find the Abs incline bench saturated with R's sweat! We knew it was from him because we rushed it down to the lab for DNA testing.... nah, not really, we'd just seen him leave and run up the road in his 70's shiny bike pants, head band and scarey bare chest - plus his name was the last in the gym book. It was the most disgusting thing ever, there were pools of his stenchy sweat on the vinyl cover, not a few drips, I'm talking POOLS... we almost puked. Tania went and raided the Rec centre cleaning cupboard and we drenched the bench in Pine-o-clean and gave the room a hefty spray of air freshener. USE A TOWEL you Forest-Gump lookalike FREAK!! Geez.

I'm on nights with JB my magazine & IC-loving buddy! I'm trying to teach her how to blog.

This is where I work! It's our little A & E. Awww, so cute!


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