Saturday, December 23, 2006

Starting to resemble Santa

Hmmm, my how time flies when you're eating, celebrating Christmas, drinking, celebrating Christmas, eating and drinking a bit more. Ugh, i seem to have good day, bad day, good day, bad day... I'm feeling sea-sick from going up and down - i almost can't wait til Chrissy is over to get some kind of normal routine back into place.

My 12 week challenge (Body Blitz) is officially over!! Wow! Really i think it was a bit more of a '6 week' challenge for me, i did really well for 6 weeks then went up and down for the rest. I shall write a full report a bit later! I shall also strive again in the future to fight the flab, bust the blubber and get this large butt of mine to further shrink!

Food n fitness for today:
do i have to say my food???? nah.... ignorance is bliss
fitness - 6km run at 5am with Nik & Tan - it was bloody pitch black!! i kept checking the clock to make sure i hadn't set the alarm wrong!
I leave you with a somewhat scarey pic of my Waynie and me at a Chrissy do!

PS 2 more sleeps till the big fat-red-suited dude comes.


Anonymous said...

Dont stress you've done well for the festive season. Back into it after new year. The photo of you two looks great. Really happy!!!

Love Tan

Anonymous said...

Hey Drea,
Never heard of blogging befor.
You make me laugh with the things you say. Can,t imagine i'll have much time for "blogging" my self but i will continue to catch up on yours.

Love Vicki-Lee