Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fur-balls on the floor

Housework sucks.
I'd love a maid.
I'd love to wake up each morning to freshly vacuumed carpets and shiny floors, sparkly loo's and an empty sink. I used to be crazy about keeping my house spotless, but as i've got older i seem to have changed my priorities, with my sadie duties sliding down the 'to do' list. Unforunately i still want to live in a spotless house... just don't seem to have enough time or energy to make sure it stays that way. Today i managed to spend 7 hours cleaning madly, i turned my music up extra loud and danced as i dusted, mopped, scrubbed, vacc'd, washed and wiped. How on earth do things get so grotty?? Like the little dust piles that form on top of the skirting boards, the fur-balls in the corner of the lino floors, the white 'flung toothpaste' speckles on the bathroom mirror,the splashes on the kitchen cupboards (i don't remember spilling anything??) and what on earth is the deal with the floor under the fridge?? yukko.
I know its gotta be done, but it makes me cranky and each time i have a marathon house clean i say the same thing to myself 'its all about maintenance, a little bit each day and it won't end up like this' ... but i never 'maintain' and i end up have a full sadie day again. I've gotta get organised

Food n fitness for yesterday

0800 Protein porridge
1030 Yoghurt/cott cheese thingy
1400 2 slices soy linseed bread (Burgen) with ham, tomato, lettuce, LF cheese, carrot.
1500 10 fresh cherries
1700 1 hr 25 workout. Squash & 'obstacles'
1930 Steak and salad

Today so far...
1200 - Protein porridge (I slept in and wasnt hungry)
1600 - 6 corn thins with 100% P Butter
1830 - Thai Beef salad
No fitness... but i reckon my mopping and vaccuuming was equal to a decent workout!

I'm on nightshift so I've also bought to work a yoghurt/cc/berry mix, an orange and some oats for later if i get the munchies.

Tonight i'm going to PLAN my week, food, fitness, everything. I'm gonna stick it on my fridge (and my forehead) and i'm going to do it!

so there.


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