Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Santa's sack

Presents galore! Just a few santa (W) left me...

God i love Christmas. I'm sure it's partly due to the fact I still get spoilt like a 5 year old child would! Wayne bought me 10 (yes...ten) presents this year. He has an amazing ability to pay close attention all year to all my 'oooh i love this or that....or gee that'd look nice in our kitchen or Mmmm these earrings are pretty..' and somehow manages to surprise me with all these prezzies i love! Look i know Christmas is supposed to be about giving and sharing and love and a bit more giving and caring and sharing, plus a whole heap of other very thoughtful, impressive and selfless human actions. But I have to admit there is a big-fat-selfish part of me that absolutely adores ripping the paper off my presents to discover what it is thats been hiding mysteriously under layers of crappy red & green Chrissy paper all those weeks!
This year W and i had a Christmas eve dinner at home (just the 2 of us) and opened our presents then. I had to work early Christmas day, and W wasn't overly keen to get up at 5am to do the whole prezzy opening thing then, so we agreed to do it Chrissy eve. My prezzies from him - a hair straightener, beach towel & matching thongs, perfume, iTunes voucher, Motorbike jersey, a great Guess bag, a Nintendo game, a pink Polar watch, plus he tricked me into thinking all my 'nice' presents were open, then gave me some gorgeous diamond earrings! Awwwww. Spoilt beyond belief. I'm still wearing a big grin on my face. I keep telling him he's going to regret his great effort next year when he has to try and match it!
Well i might have had an amazing Christmas, but he down side is it's turned me into a porker.
I have put on 2 kg over December.... i think it all started with my trip away to see Mum and Dad, and i just haven't been able to focus properly since. So with 5 kazillion other people, I've used the 'New Year' to put a bomb under my butt and get back into serious training and clean eating, so i can feel good in Hawaii - which is only 4 weeks away! Eeek!
Today it has started. (albeit with a lack of fitness)
1530 - Yoghurt, berry, CC thingy with 8 almonds & tsp pumpkin seeds.
Coffee n splenda
1900 - Fillet steak & salad. Small amt LF cheese
2330- 4 corn thins with PB. 2 carrots
Coffee n splenda
0345- 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup LF milk, splenda
No fitness... for reasons beyond my control!!
My Motorbike is sick AGAIN. I'm going to call Yamaha tomorrow and complain. Like REALLY complain. This is the third time something has gone wrong with the electrics, WTF??? When i left for work tonight, i could only turn the lights on high beam, then half way riding to work the lights just died, the indicators wouldn't work either. I had to turn around and ride home with no lights and use Waynes very reliable Kawasaki (you hear that Yamaha???!) to get to work. Crap crap crap. The big problem is that to get it looked at means taking it on a trailer all the way to Kal to the one Yamaha people there who have a 'we don't really give a shit' attitude.
crap crap boo crap. Thank god it's under warrantly.
i'd better go do some work

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