Saturday, January 13, 2007

The list

So, how' d i go with my list?? Not too shabby at all.

  1. Take down my Christmas decs - DONE! I sadly sang Chrissy carols the whole time i was unwinding tinsel and collecting up little santa's from all over my house.
  2. Weed the front garden & plant my new plants (x 5) -DONE!
  3. Weed the side garden - Nope - come on... you should see the state of my garden, i'd need a month off to complete both.
  4. Admire my weed'ed garden! - Yep, half of my effort anyway
  5. Clean my MB air filter (with help from WC) -Nope...decided it didn't need it, plus don't want to touch anything more on that bike that might break or seize up given half a chance.
  6. Clean the oven -YES! It was bloody amazing, Whilst i probably smashed an enormous hole in the ozone layer using the super-dooper tri-industrial strength oven cleaner i bought, it 'melted' off an enormous amount of brown greasy goo, so much that my oven racks look brand spanking new!! I just wiped off the muck the entire time saying 'wow, oooh, gee are those racks really shiny silver??'
  7. Connect the stereo to the TV/DVD/Foxtel (without f**cking up the whole setup) Umm no... i don't have the right cable connector thingy... still working on that one.
  8. Cook a meal and freeze the whole lot for spare healthy meals when i can't be both'd to cook - Yep i cooked a huge healthy chow mein and put it in little containers in the freezer. I felt like i'd turned into my super-organised-sister. weird.
  9. Organise a birthday card/gift for my niece - yep, done. Thats my super-organised-sister's daughter, so can't be late with that one
  10. Put up the new shower curtain (has been sitting there for 3 months)- oops no... forgot i'd even put that on my 'to do' list. Ha, now thats the normal Drea back!
  11. Email my sister who possibly thinks i've carked it! Yep- done and dusted. Now she's probably in hospital recovering from severe shock.


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