Sunday, January 07, 2007

Clueless about coffee

I went to Kal yesterday with Tania so she could buy practically the whole of Kmart. Ha! Well i guess when you move out there is a lot of stuff to get, from potato peelers and loo rolls to pegs and coffee beans.

Yeeees, about the coffee beans.... we go to Gloria Jeans to get some beans (coz T insists she's going to make me a glorious cup of coffee each time i visit on her new fandangled coffee machine from her Dad). She's completely clueless about coffee (she hates the stuff) -and proved this when buying a bag of coffee beans from GJ's. The look of pure confusion on her face when they asked how she'd like them ground was priceless. "Don't you just put the beans in the machine?? Do you have to crush them? How come??" ummm, Tan coz that would be like trying to make a loaf of bread with wheat.

Please Tan, keep AWAY from the coffee machine. Instant will do fine.

My big purchase for the day in Kal was an aerobic step! Yay, I've wanted one for ages, they're usually $100 (and I'm too scabby to pay that for a chunk of plastic) but i found one in Kmart yesterday for $40. It's not exactly huge, but its fine for what i need it for... mainly my home interval-exercises and a couple of my Jilly DVD workouts need a step. I tried it out this morning with Jilly's shape up - backside. It was great... not that the workout used the step that much, but hey usually i have to 'pretend step' on the floor which just isn't the same.
Mum comes today. I'm going to go over to the hospital house this morning and make sure its all clean and ready for her to move in. I might put some fresh flowers and pictures of Tom up on the fridge to make it homely... aww, it'll be fun having her close by.
The swear-box thingy New Years resolution is going to send me broke.
I owe atleast $5 from my trip to Kal yesterday (So does Tan) & $4.50 from the day before. We've decided to donate the money to the local Wildlife Rescue couple (who do an absolutely amazing job with hardly any $$) - but we're starting to think that donating to such a worthy charity isn't exactly helping our cause 'oopsy doesn't reeally matter that i swore - we just helped save a little stranded joey'. We were even thinking of possiblities of 'pre-purchasing' swear words at a discount rate for times when you reeeally need to let that beautiful F-word out, like in periods of pure absolute frustration (Yamaha??!) when the F-word just helps to soothe your frazzled emotions a tad or like yesterday when i came approximately 2mm from hitting a very randomly placed Kangaroo at 110km/hr ....SWEEERVE, screech....*heart beating 200bpm** fuuuuuck..!!!! The pre-buy situation might help save a bit of dosh, but probably defeats the purpose a bit. I have visions of us collecting so much money from our fines that we end up having a big 'handing over ceremony' where we have one of those ginormous card board cheques and we present it to them (think deal or no deal!). Might have to take out a loan.
I bought some teeny weeny board shorts yesterday. I want to wear them in Hawaii. I know i only have three weeks to go, so they're kind of a reminder to keep on track over the next 3 weeks, I'm not letting myself go into holiday mode early!
23 sleeps to go!

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jodie said...

Hey Drea!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, kewl we have things in common. :) I have been just reading through yours and I must say I think we have a very similar sense of humour!! Will add your link to mine, so I can stop by more often. Have fun in Hawaii - I am soooo jealous...