Friday, January 05, 2007

Mooshy omelettes and greetings from the green team

Talk about rubbing my nose into a bad situation.

Check out what W got in the mail today. A pack of freebies from Kawasaki. Talk about timing, when all i've had is nightmares with my bike, he gets golden glowing service and reliability from his... and he gets FREE stuff! Man i got duped big time.

Now hear this Yamaha, TAKE A BIG freakin leaf outta Kawasaki's green book and focus on customer service , you hear me?? Yamaha are a Sham-aha.


Food n fitness for today...

0700 - Iced coffee

1700 - Gym with Tan. We did intervals/cardio. Including: Bike, X-trainer, rower, suicides, lunges, skipping, abs. 1 hour.

1830 - Oats with sunflower seeds n skim milk n splenda

2230 - 5 egg (1yolk) vege thingy with mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, capsicum and broccolli (not wothy of the 'omelette' title since it ended up all mooshed up into a million pieces - tasted fab tho)

I plan to have either oats or youghurt between now and going home to bed.

Thank god its my last nightshift, I've done six in a row and i'm completely over it. I do the rosters so I've only got me to blame.


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