Sunday, January 14, 2007


What happened to my mo-jo?? It's gone on holidays early, pity i still have 2 weeks till holidays and NEED it back... nooow!! Cooome back mooowww-jooooww. Pleeeaaase.

I went swimming this arvo and managed a measley 40 laps (25m pool). Tan whipped me at a normal everyday pace, I used to be a few laps ahead of her. I don't mind at all that she beat me, but i just felt like i had no energy and even though i was pushing hard i felt SLOW and stiff. My eating has been a bit ordinary (which is surely contributing to my lack of energy), i just seem to have lost my focus at the moment and its making me sad. I really want to atleast focus for these next two weeks before Hawaii, or i'll be back to where i started before i even go on holidays... all that hard work for nothing :-(
* * * * * *
On a brighter note my running is continuing to go pretty good. Tania, Nikki, Snoop (the wonder-dog) and i went the other day and measured it when we got back ... 7km! We kind of plodded along (puffily chatted most of the way) it took us 45 minutes, but it was awesome. We ran kind of the reverse of what Tania and i did last time - from Nikki's house at the hospital through town, to the airport, back past my place through the bush over the hill & back to the hospital.
I just don't seem to be looking forward to my exercise lately - I'm making excuses not to go or putting in a pathetic effort when i actually do go. Maybe I've spent too much time in the gym and need to change my routine a bit. Maybe i need to do more outdoorsy things like swimming and running. Maybe i should try doing more workout vids. Maybe i need a brain transplant and a kick up the arse. Yeah, that sounds more like it.
This post is just a big moan.
'Want some CHEESE with that WHINE Drea??'
Over' n out

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jodie said...

we all lose motivation now and then, the trick is to just do it anyway... change of routine is good to change the attitude and I find adding songs to my i-pod always gives me motivation. The other thing is to set some goals so you have something to work towards.

Keep at it and your mo-jo will return from hiding.

and hey if you can't moan here, where can you??