Thursday, January 04, 2007

Put the money in the jar

I've lost my 'roomie'.

My buddy Tania has been going through a rough patch lately - she broke up with her Fiance just after Christmas :( She shared a house with him, so T spent the past week camping out in our spare room until she could move into a small unit of her own. Annnyway, what i have to say is that it was quite 'fun' having a friend stay over. It reminded me of my Uni days flatting with girls - especially the first 2 nights because Waynie was away in Perth, so we hung out and did girly things. T is an obsessive compulsive-neat freak, so apart from the cool female company it was also like having a live-in maid for a week! JOY! The cleanliness of my home is always somewhat marginal... clutter and bloody dog hair galore, and T needed 'distractions' while i was working (she had all those luxurious public holidays over Chrissy/New Year that Nurses don't get) so she mopped and cooked and washed dishes and washed clothes and put things away and vacuumed and cooked some more. My sink was bare! Not a ponky stinky dirty dish in sight. I miss her. I really do. I might have to sabotage her new living arrangements so she comes to stay with us permanently.... steal her rent cheques so she gets evicted or something! Hee hee...GOOD thinkin' Drea!!

New Years resolution... no more swearing - well only the hard core swearing is banned, small steps people, small steps.
I'm starting to sound completely feral, so Tan and i are abiding by an 'honesty policy' ... if we say F**k or C**t out loud its 50 c per word, ($2 if you say both together!). Not that i ever say the 'c' word. We have a little jar each and must put our 'fines' in daily. Don't quite know what we're going to do with the $$ we collect, maybe we can use it to buy soap to WASH out OUR MOUTHS!!
My motorbike is sick again and the idiots i bought it off in Kal are complete and utter Fuck- wits! (that was soooo worth a 50c fine!) They seem to think Wayne and i have a combined IQ of 12 and they insist on being as bloody rude and UN fucking helpful as possible. (oopsy 'nother 50c in the jar). Tomorrow we're going to call Yamaha direct to find out if i can get my money back, since this is the third time in 4 months its needed fixing and its brand new! Ugh.
Food n Fitness for today
1630 - woke up & had IC & choccy bar. W. T. F was i thinking???
1730 - Gym with Tan- 20 m HIIT on treadmill - awesome! plus 20 mins squash & some abs
2000 - Steak & salad
2330 - Yoghurt cottage cheese thingy
0430 - Oats n splenda
We've had mega rain here today. There are weather warnings everywhere...faxes, phone calls, TV warnings. its all something to do with the dregs of a cyclone meeting up with another low pressure area already hanging in the area to form one ginormous wind and rain baring weather nightmare... The Emergency Response planners have officially put us on 'standby'. ooooh, exciting!! I'm just excited about the fact my lawn will turn green and fluffy from all the rain and the Kangaroos wont eat my garden because they too will have green fluffy bits of bush to eat. Yay! Its a win-win situation. Thank you god.
PS - $1.50 will be donated to my foul mouth jar following publication of this post.

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Anonymous said...


God you crack me up. Whenever I need a laugh I just read your blog. Why is there always stuff about me on there though. I didn't know we had started the swear jar yet. I have no idea if I have sworn. Probably have. I will start NOW.
Its raining....Its pouring....The Old Man is Snoring...... HE He HE

Tan Oo