Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An addiction stand off

Yeah yeah i know it's been a while since i actually wrote something!

I did try to post last night at work but couldn't log into blogger for some strange reason, typical i was in a 'chatty' mood to and i'm sure i would've come up with some most amusing, thought provoking, astounding tales for all to read. Now i'm a sleep deprived-post-nightshift-zombie who's finding it hard to even piece together a single sentence. Ugh. There'll be nothing of interest here today my friends.

Today i MUST get up and do some exercise. Must must must. I flagged yesterday (despite Tans very best persuasive efforts!) but i did manage to get a few home chores done instead. yay. excitement plus.

I'm in the midst of an 'addiction -standoff' with Tania. She's stopped smoking (thank Gawd!) and I've honoured her immense willpower by stopping Iced Coffee's!
Look i know that sounds pathetic (because hey apparently smoking is like harder than heroin to give up and Iced coffee is 'just milk') but its HARDER than you think! Those little brown boxes of goodness 'complete me'. I am DEPENDANT on them, I dream about them and savour every last tiny morsel of that icy cold coffee flavoured milk that comes up that straw. Mmmmmmm. It's making me want one. But no, I'd rather have a buddy with less tar coating her Pulmonary system than the beloved brown box.

Well i really must go get some snooze. everything is getting blurry n fuzzy!



jodie said...

What a good friend you are! Good luck with your battle of addictions... :)

Anonymous said...

Your so gonna give in. And then you'll lie about it. I can tell by the way you talk.
Just keep saying to yourself NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! OK