Tuesday, January 09, 2007

run run as fast as u can...

Nice personal protective
equipment. Very stylish,
very pink! I'm such a dork.

jog jog jog...
The last two runs I've been on have been awesome. The cooler weather is perfect for jogging, I feel like Forest Gump... could just go 0n & on & on. Tania and I changed our route

the other night and started from my house, went over the road through the bush over the hill to the hospital (cross country style!), up the main road to the airport and back home. It took us 45 minutes and was fantastic, we actually 'chatted' most of the way and both were amazed we could hold a conversation and jog for that long - this time last year we could barely jog for 15 minutes! Yesterday morning i did the Gwalia jog with Nikki and PB'd - 38 minutes. Tan Nikki and i are off again for a jog at 6am tomorrow, it's the best time to go ... hope my running zest continues, nothing beats the 'high' of a great run, especially at the end if you still feel comfortable & the whole time you feel like you're flying, it's an amazing feeling.

I have got three wonderful glorious amazing days off now. YAY! I'm gonna keep the phone off the hook so work can't call me in! Yeah sure... they'd hunt me down.

List of 'to do's' for the next three days:

  1. Take down my Christmas decs (yep...they're still up)
  2. weed the front garden & plant my new plants (x 5)
  3. weed the side garden
  4. admire my weed'ed garden!
  5. Clean my MB air filter (with help from WC)
  6. Clean the oven
  7. connect the stereo to the TV/DVD/Foxtel (without f**cking up the whole setup)
  8. cook a meal and freeze the whole lot for spare healthy meals when i can't be both'd to cook
  9. Organise a birthday card/gift for my niece
  10. put up the new shower curtain (has been sitting there for 3 months)
  11. email my sister who possibly thinks i've carked it!

Will report back my achievements on the above.

Food n fitness ( for yesterday)

  • 0500 -6km run
  • 0700 -Oats n Splenda with coffee n splenda
  • 1000 -CC yoghurt thingy with berries
  • 1230 -Mountain Bread x 2 with 2 eggs (1 Y) & FF mayo & lettuce
  • 1530 -4 corn thins with PB 100%
  • 2000 -1 piece white bread with Promite & butter (was MAJORLY starving!)
  • 2200 -fish fillet with a huge salad

We went motorbike riding in the arvo and got back quite late (don't you love daylight savings?!) then by the time we washed the mud off our bikes & socialised on the front lawn then cooked dinner it was 10pm! Ugh. not ideal i know, but hey, it was the best tasting fish ever, i was soooo hungry.


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jodie said...

Nice pink helmet. Love it!