Thursday, January 25, 2007


I feel like I am on cloud nine. I've just been reading my Lonely Planet Guide for Honolulu and I am now mega excited about our trip! There seems to be so much to do in Hawaii - shopping, snorkelling, surfing (?!), shopping, Pearl Harbour, water parks, shopping, Kayaking to islands, Oh and did I mention shopping??
Yeah I know you can shop anywhere, but this is one shopping-deprived chicky! (Leo's supermarket and roadhouses are not worthy of 'shop' status by any means) and I am busting out of myself to see REAL life (ie: not online) shops. I'm sure I'll be over my shopping bug before we jet off to Hawaii tho, we have a few days in Perth first. Yahooo.

The other reason I'm on cloud nine is that I think the 'addiction standoff' between Tan and I has rebooted me into being healthy! I was back to having frequent (hmmm actually very frequent) IC's and our standoff has broken the cycle. Thank gawd. See the problem with my 'addiction' (and yes Tan it is an addiction tho you may scoff!) is that it'll put me into a bad zone ALL day, i seem to drink an IC then also have a Nut bar, then seem to skip lunch and have crap food later in the arvo when I'm famished again. So the whole day is a downward steep gluttinous spiral. Hmmphf.

Today for eats' n exercise (note how i write when i'm being good, but neglect to when i'm naughty?)

1630 -1/2 Protein bar
1700 - swam 40 laps (moderate pace)
1945 - steak and a humungous salad
2200 - apple & a coffee (just a normal one - NOT of the Iced variety!)
0100 - Cottage cheese yoghurt berry thing with almonds & seeds. Mmmmm!

I've also decided that I'm going to complete another 12 week challenge when I get back from holiday. This time I'm going to do the whole 12 weeks and will be at my goal weight by my birthday (June). Yeah. I can do it. yeah yeah.

One of the old Aboriginal long term patients we have here just buzzed his call bell, so off I toddle to find out whats bothering him and he declares that he's sure there is someone walking around outside his window & trying to get in. Craaaaap. I'm not normally a scaredy cat, but when it's just me and an Aboriginal Health worker (who by the way is female, 5ft nothing & very 'round') on together and 3 patients in a dodgy old hospital 2km out of town, I'm a bit spooked! Safety is not featuring high on my comfort list right now. Anyway, we go and check that all the windows and doors are locked, have a kind of whimpy look outside (can't see much it's pitch black at 2am but we try anyway) and reassure Mr concerned patient whilst secretly poo'ing my pants. The short round AHW i'm on with informs me it may be 'spirits'. Well thanks for that, i now feel a whoooole lot better.
I'm off to find a baseball bat.
Can you whack a 'spirit'??? I'm not so sure.

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Anonymous said...


I know your addition is just as hard as mine to give up. Gez any addiction is hard to give up, otherwise they wouldn't call them additions. Were doing great. Ill do 12 weeks with you when you get back if you want company.

Two more sleeps!!!!

Tan Oo