Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Drunk Muppets

Another day another nightshift. Every time i do nights i vow never to roster myself on them again. Its not only that it makes you feel entirely crappy, it's difficult to sort out work related issues when you sleep during the day. I'm going to have to stay up today until atleast mid morning to sort a few of those issues out... or to atleast speak to people i can handball those issues onto! Hee hee. The whole regions email is down so thats not helping one little bit. What on earth did we do before email?? It seems we now can't survive without it.

Which makes me think of these funny things... blast from the past....
Remember when:
  • The grocery bags at the shops were paper and the bottom always fell out of them?
  • All phones had cords
  • All soft drink bottles were glass
  • Milk (in glass bottles) got delivered to the front door step and we fought to lick the cream off the foil top
  • There was no such thing as unleaded petrol
  • Computer screens were black with green writing?
  • Seatbelts werent retractable and there was no such thing as an airbag!
  • You rode your bike without a helmet?
  • There was no such thing as a microwave and heating up left-overs meant putting it in the oven or putting it in a pot on the stove (or eating it COLD!)
  • Movies had an intermission break? (wish they had that now for a wee break)
  • Smoking was allowed on aeroplanes?? Yuk.
  • Suitcases didn't have wheels.

Gawd... i could continue on my nostalgic path forever.

* * * * *

I slept great again today. The pool was open for evening laps so Tan and i went. I did my program, it felt a bit hard today, took me quite a while to get into it. Tan got a calf cramp (her first ever) and was flailing around in the water like a drunk muppet, it was quite humorous! Is that a bad thing to say? I wore my Polar HR monitor in the pool and was amazed that

a) it worked in the water (Tan was sure i was going to get electrocuted!!!)


b) how high my HR was doing laps. What a great workout! Ahh ha...thats the reason i am sooo starving when i get out the pool! yum yum

Seeya x


Debstar said...

Hi Drea, thanks for stopping by & saying hi. Actually I had been reading your blog for a while. I was using Sharon - Running girls blog/links to get to you. Then for some reason her blog just disappeared & I couldn't get to you anymore. So I'm glad you dropped by & I will put you on my links list.

Drea said...

Hey Deb what happened to Sharons blog? I noticed she had mysteriously vanished... boo, she was a hoot!

Tan said...

Nice to see I make you laugh. It hurt and it still feels sensitive today.