Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monday n Tuesday

Yesterday I worked a morning shift, and despite my 'bestest' intentions i didn't gym before work because i only had 1 (yes O N E !!) hours sleep. Can you believe that?? Faaarrr out, what is wrong with me?? i never ever ever ever have problems sleeping. Never ever. But now it seems i DO, because this seems to be a current common theme. Ugh, is that because i'm getting older??
So there i was still tossing and turning in bed, despite my efforts to relax by moving to the spare room (so i didn't have to worry about keeping W up) deep breathing, reading for a while and i couldn't stop thinking about world issues... and why Brit Spears shaved her head and if the dude lost in the bush was sitting at the bottom of an old mine shaft somewhere hungry & cold, and if Target 'Country' would be getting Stella McCartney's designs in or if it would only be city shops 'n id miss out, or if I'd be able to find another 2 nurses to fill our roster next week.... blah blah... i just wanted to turn my brain OFF!
I finally decided there was no chance i was ever gonna get enough snooze to justify getting up even earlier than i already had to. (Stubby i get up at 0445 to gym before an early shift..crazy eh?!)
So thats the reason i didn't go to the gym before work.

However... I DID somehow pull enough energy out of my reserves to do a 7km run with Midget yesterday arvo! (She MADE me do it) Un-bloody-believable! I do have to fess that it was a long slow plod and the last 3km were borderline torture, but i made it! Yeehaar. I haven't done our 7km track since before Hawaii-holiday.

Eats on Monday...
oats n splenda
yoghurt cottage cheese berry thing
1/2 egg sandwich
fish n veges

* * * * * *
Today has been the opposite to yesterday. I have felt like i've been hit by a TRUCK. A BIG truck. I had an afternoon shift and stayed in bed until 1100 am this morning. ugh. Then i dragged my sorry, groggy butt out of bed and tried to do something constructive... but didnt, just lounged around like a big fat potato.

Food for Today..
toast with jam , banana & coffee
Pasta & stir through sauce
yoghurt & cott cheese thingy

I don't feel too bad though, i have resisted chocolate and am still IC-free. Tomorrow will be a better day!



Tan said...

Hi Drea

Just keep pushing yourself. You know once you get back it you'll be fine. You have to make yourself do it or else you wont, even if you feel like crap.


Stubby said...

Blame it on the night shifts... they really screw up your sleeping patterns.

And that is so mean being made to run 7km when you had only 1 hour sleep!

Gee's Tan, you sound like a slave driver...:-P... can you come pass my place and give me the 'giddy up' too?



jodie said...

Crap about your sleeping. A bad night's sleep sucks, and makes things ten times worse than they really are. Awesome on the 7km run even after the bad night.