Sunday, March 11, 2007

Serious neck damage

Okay, the time has come to get this porker body into 'D' for DRIVE. No more eating whatever i bloody-well feel like with no thought about the consequences whatsoever. The numbers on the scales are a risin' and the jeans are feeling 'squeezy'!

Monday is the day it changes.

Here is my plan...

  • I'm on a morning shift so i plan to go to the work gym before i start (too spooky to go to the town gym at that time of the morning..its daaarrk!)

  • I have made my breakfast & lunch ready for tomorrow & have my gym gear all set out waiting for me!

  • I have a 5kg challenge with JB so that should help my motivation

This week I plan to exercise 5 days and eat clean EVERY day!

* * * * * *

(Clair, Tan & me at the Abba night)

Last night W & i went to a Abba & Beatles' disco (i hate that word..its so primary school like). It was cool fun, not too many people though a bit of a poor effort from the town, but those that went had fun. It's always good to have a boogie with the girls, even though the DJ was gawd-nasty-awful. He played 'achy breaky heart' for goodness sake. Yikes, is that scarey or what? I obviously still found some tunes i could dance to though because after a few wines i tend to dance like a freak- throwing my head around almost in a daggy head-banger-like fashion. Hmmm, today my neck is soooo sore. I feel like i need a neck brace on to hold my head up. I swear I'll never learn.

* * * * * *

My Ma is going in to have a tumour removed from her neck/cheek area tomorrow. She's had it biopsied and its apparently benign (not cancerous) but it's wrapped around glands and nerves and makes her look like she's sucking a giant boiled lolly on that side of her mouth! She's all worried she'll get nerve damage and end up with a droopy face...drooling everywhere for the rest of her life. I'm sure she'll pull through fine. Good luck Ma, may the force be with you. *big hug*

* * * * * *

They haven't found the lost dude yet. I still reckon he's hiding out snacking on bush tucker. He's now wrecked three hot dates i had planned! Geeeeez!



Stubby said...

And...? Did you go to the gym? You are so good if you made it to the gym before your shift started...

You would have had to get up around 5am right? Or maybe even earlier?

Tan said...

I know exactly how you feel atm. I seem to make plans of good exercise and good eating but I seem to always fail. I was gonna put that photo on my blog. I will have to down load the ones that I took. My ipod is working again now.