Saturday, March 24, 2007


Oh my gawd, it's been like nearly a week since my last post. (oooh, that sounds like a confession).

I have worked a gazillion hours overtime because Nurses seem to be in HIDING and don't want to come and play with us here. It's been a nightmare trying to find any agency nurses, the whole process is exhausting - phoning, begging, emailing, more phoning, re-doing rosters, re-doing them again, 'n again, 'n again... trying to give some people a break and magically trying to cover shifts with nothing, all while you're physically and mentally exhausted yourself. Its times like this I want to be a gardener. Pottering outside all day in the sunshine with the birdies tweet'ing and the smell of freshly mowed lawn clippings. Mmmm sounds like a much better option. No poo, pus, rudeness or exhaustion. Sometimes i wonder why on earth i put myself through it. And to think the next 5 weeks I'm doing the D.O.N's job (because no other loser would take it on), that means dealing with not one, but TWO hospitals. Fuck, fuck, fuck, bum, boo, fuck, shit, bloody, crap, fuck, what was i thinking? crap, fuck, double fuck.

Ho hummmm, I just need a good sleep and some decent exercise. When I don't exercise or eat well & am tired, my brain turns to mush. After reading what i just wrote i think its pretty mushy right now.... I'm guessing about the consistency of Pal puppy food.

I'm going to bed before i make everyone miserable


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Stubby said...

And that's why I have absolutely no aspirations of EVER becoming a level 2 nurse (CNS, CN or whatever it is called in any other state)... Too much stress on top of already too much stress.