Friday, March 09, 2007

My Boys and a Lost Boy

Aww...all my boys. Murph, husband and Diez.
The bottom right corner of this pic is blurry because Murphy decided to come up and lick the camera a few minutes before i took the pic... i didn't realise his tongue had 'connected' with the lense, oops. He could've atleast slobbered the rest of the edges to create that professional 'fogged' look.

Husband seems to have been working 20 hour days the last 3 days... searching for some old dude who wandered off into the bush a few days ago and hasn't been seen since. We were supposed to have a hot date (?) for dinner last night but had to postpone it till tonight. I've a feeling the date will be postponed again cause they're stiiiilll searching. Theres aa awful lotta bush out there, i reckon the 'lost dude' is probably fine... most likely living it up on char-grilled kangaroo with a side of honey ant-glazed grubs all washed down with a bit of billabong-water.
On a serious note i do hope he's okay, and if he could just let someone know so i can go on my date i'd be most appreciative.

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jodie said...

I love the pic, even better with dog slobber. lol I hope they find the old dude so you can have your hot date.