Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lazy Bones

I've just been blog-surfing to keep myself amused on this very quiet last nightshift.

I'm having a sudden burst of motivation after reading lots of fit-chicks blogs... I just want to go outside and run a lap of the hospital i'm that enthused!! I'd look like a complete idiot though and i'd probably get mugged by kangaroos.

I didn't exercise today before work and i should have. NO excuse, just pure utter laziness. i'm doubly kicking myself for it after reading about everyone elses enthusiastic efforts.

Tomorrow i'm off to do more swimming when i wake up. Thats my plan & i'm sticking to it.

I got the info on the 'Womens Day Classic' fun run today. It'll take a bit of work, but with some help from a few buddy's i'm sure we'll be able to pull it off. Its on May 13, so thats 2 months to organise it.

Well i really have zero of interest to blog about today. I have THREE whole days off to look forward to now...yahoooooo!


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Anonymous said...


Finally I am at your Blog - took awhile but I am finally here.

Your Blog is like reading a book, can't wait for the next chapter!! :-)

Nice photo's.

I am going to un-blog my blog because looking at yours, mine is pathetic and I dont have anything to write about that is worth reading, maybe I need to edit it and start afresh anyway I will think about it.

Thanks for the sun lotion all the way from Hawaii, loved it, finished it, could of eaten it (coffee smell was great) don't have anymore it :-(

Hope you have your costume ready for the ABBA/BEATLES nite tomorrow, Dancing Queen here you come.

Chow Bella
Scooter Girl