Wednesday, March 14, 2007

up, down, see-saw

I went gyming early this morning (6am) with JB! Yay for me for actually dragging this hefty arse outta bed and into my joggers. Yay yay yay. puff puff puff.

I did a 50m moderate cardio session:
5km bike
20min run/walk intervals (3:2)
200 rows

Hmmm, it doesn't look impressive at all when i write it down, but hey it's a start. I am in 'D' for drive... just maybe still in 1st gear. (going uphill... with the handbrake on...and four flat tyres...)

Eats today
  • Oats with protein
  • hot cross bun (hmmm, not part of my 'clean diet')
  • Ham & salad roll
  • Cottage Pie (healthy version) fresh corn & broccoli
  • Smoothie of the banana kind (slurping it as i'm writing this to avoid any bad snack attacks) 1/3 cup hilo, 1/3 banana, tspn splenda, 5 iceblocks....whiizzzzzzzzed = yum!

I also managed to go and get some groceries & the mail, cook dinner, do the dishes and some washing, have a 30minute power-nap and go to the Shire to chat to JB about council restrictions etc for the fun run! Oh, AND i spent 45 minutes recalled to work to xray some poor dudes very squashed arm. All before I started work at 1:30pm. How can I have 2 days in a row that are soooo different?? Weird.

The fun run low down:

Tan got me all enthused again the other day (I was starting to think it would be too hard to organise) & JB also sounded pretty keen and thinks the shire will be okay with closing roads and permits etc...woo hoo, it looks like our own little Leo Mothers Day Classic fun run is going to happen! Just have to wait for an official 'okay' from them.

Am off to bed, goodnite x


Debstar said...

It sounds like you did OK in the fitness department to me.

At our local Bakers Delight they sell chocolate chip hot cross buns that are to die for. Most days I walk past them VERY quickly.

Are you still trying to solve the worlds problems instead of sleeping? I know some yoga techniques that help if you need some.

Drea said...

Yes Debstar I'd love to try the yoga techniques... i've never really done yoga though so haven't much of a clue.

Oooh, the choc chip hot X buns are awesome. The one good thing about living in the middle of the yummy bakeries or any shops for that matter that sell delish foods... (except for Iced coffee)

Tan said...

Good on you. Gez your sounding quite domesticated now. Bring the old Drea back please. Can wait for the run!!!