Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stolen Cows and conspiracy theories

I had IC today :-(

JB bought me one, so it's her fault!! I was most obliging and it was GREAT!! Yummmmmy.

Maybe i can have just one a week and thats it. Yeah maybe i'll try that, just the one. Yeah and maybe pigs can fly and Emu's can iceskate. I swear they put some addictive substance in them, i know so many people who share my problem, it's the next world issue i reckon. I can see the news headlines now...

"ICED COFFEE addiction rocks the nation as Cows unable to meet milk demands"
or this ...
"Cows stolen in attempt to maintain personal milk supplies"

Its udderly crazy....hah! Get it? Udder?? haaaaaarrr.

Well apart from that hiccup i had a great day. Oats for breaky, yoghurt thingy for mid morning, half an egg roll for lunch and steak & salad for dinner.

I got home from work and felt like going for a jog (?? WTF) so I bravely (and rather stupidly given it was bloody near 40 degrees outside) set off on a solo jog for 45 mins, puff puff, not sure on the distance - have always been terrible with estimations, but it was a reasonable run.

Tonight i had dinner with a friend from work which was great... lots of girly chit chat.

I'm off for a mega early gym session in the morning with JB before my early shift, so i'd better go to bed! seey'all



Tan said...

I would hate to see if you were a smoker trying to quit. Does this mean Im allowed 1 cigarette a week if your having 1 iced coffee a week????? You should be having none a week. Make one at home. You know it will start with one a week, then two a week and next min your we a coffeeoholic again.
Good effort on the run though. Im very proud of you. It was bloody hot yesterday arvo. Looking forward to early jog tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

ALL I have to say about the IC matter is one is not going to kill you, if it makes you happy go for it. It certainly makes me happy (sipping on one right now mmmm delicious)

Have to sign in Anonymous as usual having problems signing in.


jodie said...

Drea, your humour is sick, but I love it. Stay strong with those IC's!