Wednesday, May 30, 2007

shoes on the chair

Husband often has a dig at me for random things i do that seem to piss him off... always 'dumping' my sports bag on the bench, forgetting to close the back door after letting the dogs in/out, leaving the coffee machine on... trivial pathetic things really- that just seem to irritate the shit out of him! Anyway, I'm a pretty laid back person so always shrug it off and go yeah whatever...sorry, I'll close the door or put my bag away... no big deal, he does things that annoy me too, I just usually think it's not worth nagging about so don't often mention it.

Until yesterday.

Husband often puts his shoes on the dining chairs after taking them off.
Its weird... and quite annoying when you go to sit at the table, pull the chair out and plonk your butt down on a pair of ugg boots or joggers. Yesterday it got to me because no less than THREE pairs of his shoes were taking up seats at our dining table!
PUT THEM AWAY i say!! We have a perfectly good bedroom with a wardrobe specially for your shoes... they're not hungry, they don't need to sit at the table.
"I change my shoes all the time and it's better than leaving them on the floor for the dogs to chew" is his response.
I huff and groan, collecting his shoes then dumping them on the floor in the bedroom in protest... all the time moaning about 'the dogs never ever chewing shoes before, why would they start now?' ...blah blah.


Tonight I'm cooking dinner and husband comes home from work to find monster-dog Murphy chomping on his favourite pair of Reef sandal thingy's.


How on earth did Murphy get them??
Maybe because I put them on the floor instead of the dining chair safe-haven??

Not a happy husband. Shoes are wrecked.... munched to a mere pulp of their rubbery selves.
I never really liked the shoes anyway... I used to call them his 'special sandals'

Unfortunately husband loved them.



Sue said...

Must learn that chairs or any furniture is a safe haven for shoes, has none of my blog ever rubbed off. I have lost 2 pairs of runners, doona's, doona covers, 2 pillows, my new coffee table and count less other things to the Demolition dog. I still have another 6-8 months of chewing and she's already 12 months old, how old is Murphy???

Melissa said...

Oops! I hate being caught in the this-or-that would never happen trap - you know as soon as you said it, Murphy cocked his ears and thought, "Shoes? What a great idea! But could you please leave a favorite pair out?"

Tan said...

Ohhh! Whats the chances of that! The one day you actually take a stand it comes back to bite you in the bum. But if you had have put them in the bedroom cupboard were they really belong would they still be alive today!!!!!

Drea said...

Sue - monster Murphy is almost 3years old... but i swear he's retarded, he's like a naughty puppy. You've still got a while to go with Demolition dog! Hang in there and gain some comfort in the fact you are not alone!

Tan - yeah typical.. I try and be tough & take a stand and it turns out crap! Funny tho.

Melissa - I'm sure Murph knows he's being naughty. I reckon our older dog must also sit back and think to himself.. 'whoah Murphy... your gonna get sooo busted when Mum & Dad catch you'