Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where's the snow?

Who turned the cooling on???? It f-f-freeezing here all of a sudden. Had to go on a mercy mission to dig out all the warm winter clothes from the depths of the spare cupboard. Ugg-boots, fluffy dressing gown. I'm looking pretty stylish at the moment.

* * * * *

The cold must be affecting my dogs brain, he's doing backflip-spin-outs trying to amuse himself.
Now he's chewing on older dog trying to get him to play.
Not so funny... lots of growling going on. Munching and growling. Old dog doesn't want to play, he wants to snooze.

* * * * *

Dr 90210 is on Fox must go watch...

Oh my god. There is a chick named Tabitha on there (apparently she's a Plastic surgery addicted Porn star) who has had many procedures in the past... 'Anal bleaching' being one of them. WTF?? I'm going to HAVE to Google that one and find out exactly what it is, curiosity is killing me! She just asked the surgeon if it was possible to implant her precious 3 Carat diamond in her wrist, so it could be 'permanently with her'. Pfftt.
How about implanting some brain cells? That might work better for you Tabby.

* * * * * *

I did a Tae Bo DVD this morning... what a blast from the past, haven't done one for ages. It was great but I'd forgotten how seriously annoying the American counting was. Wayne kept mock-imitating it from the next room so it was obviously driving him crazy too. Billy's kinda cool though. You've gotta dig his enthusiasm if nothing else.

Its gonna be a long rest of the week... overtime galore. I think all the Nurses out there are in hiding. I'm going to have to kidnap one soon - we're getting desperate!


Oh, PS if you're curious like me here's the bleaching deal!!! Yuk.


Melissa said...

It's freezing here, too. I'm about to go snuggle under some blankets and fall asleep in three .. two ... one ...

Jennafina said...

Just finish writing my post on my blog, then I checked your blog and we both wrote about the chilly weather - I say great minds think alike !!

PS: Nice pic on you in spa.

Sue said...

I agree with the YUK for 'anal bleaching' please, do these people just have to much money or what? It's really cold here too in Melbourne but thats what we expect here, 4 season's in 1 day.

Debstar said...

Not cold here on the Gold Coast. I'm in shorts & sleveless top right now. hehehehe

Anal bleaching - the mind boggles. Must remember to do this before I go 'mooning' out the car window again. ONLY JOKING !!!!!