Friday, May 25, 2007


I'm hoping to make this post a tad more cheery than my last effort!

I've had two days off from work... well sort of. I had to go to Kal on Wednesday to be a witness for a court case... a sexual assault from two years ago. Ugh, talk about a bit sketchy on the details after so long. It's proven to me why it's so important to WRITE everything down... so when they're quizzing you, you don't sound like a dumb arse. I felt a bit like a politician... 'I don't recall' or 'sorry, I don't remember'.

Anyway despite the witness thing we (husband and I) stayed in a nice hotel for the night and went out to dinner! yeehaar! We drank champagne, munched on an antipasto platter, pulled the piss out of the dodgy waitresses and generally had a great time.

The next morning we grabbed a real coffee and I literally spent the entire journey to the coffee shop (and the duration of the coffee order) begging husband to take me to Target for retail therapy! It's pathetic, it really is. I love, love, love to shop, i don't necesarily have to buy anything, but the feeling of wandering around a 'real' shop, browsing ...mmmm, just gives me warm-fuzzies inside! Husband doesn't share my shopping passion one little bit.

Our conversation goes something like this...

me: can we pleeeeaase go to Target?
him: why? What do we need to get from there?
me: silence (and a sulky face)
him: well??
me: nothing...i ...just..want ...look.
him: but if we don't need anything then why do we have to go there?
me: because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target... pleeeaase
him: so you just want to go and look around till you find something to spend money on just for the sake of it?
me (thinking) yes... and there is a problem with that??
me: noooo, i just like to look... see a real shop... smell the price tags...touch the clothes...fill a trolley...
him: no way. nope. its not happening. no chance. we've got too much to do.
me: silence and the look of complete pathetic devastation
long pause
him: okay - you've got 10 minutes and I'm following you
me: boo you. Noooo following, I'll hide!
him: Drea I'm FOLLOWING.. and I'm timing..

He did follow, but only for a few minutes till I lost him in the DVD section!!
20 minutes later we left the store with 2 long sleeve Tshirts, some sugar free lollies and a DVD.



Tan said...

I can just imagine the whole scenario. Ive never met someone that shops as much as you or is so addicted to coffee.

Kristy said...

Why don't guys get the shopping thing. I worked at Wilpena Pound Resort (Flinders Rangers SA) for a few months (no shops nearby) so I completly understand your fascintation. I loved going to PT Augusta or Whyalla clothes shopping. I never knew I loved shopping so much until i couldn't!

Drea said...

Thank you Kristy for your understanding... UNLIKE Midgets comment! oooh, that makes me think... imagine shopping AND sipping on an Iced Coffee. OMG that sounds like heaven.

Debstar said...

I feel mean saying this, but my daughter works in a coffee shop/patisserie. I get a skinny flat white (and sometimes a slice of cake) nearly every day at a drastically reduced price. Soooo goood!

jodie said...

Shopping is my passion, so can totally understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately for me my passion doesn't help my credit cards. I am planning my next shopping trip to Melbourne... Love it, love it.

Melissa said...

I don't think I've ever made it out of Target without buying something! Sounds like you guys did pretty well there, and kept it to a minimum.

Glad to hear you had a couple days off (sort of) and hope you have a great weekend.