Monday, May 28, 2007

Drea's day off

A day off for me .... finall-eeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ha rhymes!

Okay I know I had a day off last week, but I had to go to Kal for court and it never felt like a true blue day off- where i could lounge around all day like a fat potato choosing to do nothing or something or a combination of both (?) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nice.

* * * * * *

My house is a tip. Dog hair, Drea hair and chewed up little bits of plastic everywhere (courtesy of Murphy). I'm slowly pottering around,cleaning up as i go... in between blog surfing of course (which is the ultimate time waster).

Husband is at work (where all good husbands should be)

The doggies are snoozing, they have a great life.

My iPod is playing my 'exercise playlist' ...trying to motivate me into a faster pace of cleaning - its not working tho.

The weather outside is awful... blowing a gale. I just tried to hang the king size doona cover on the line and ended up wrapped in it like a mummy - i had to wrestle with it forever to get it pegged safely on the line. I dare not hang my undies outside for fear they will end up in the neighbours back yard.

I gym'd this morning at 5:30 with JB... quite a pathetic effort on my behalf, took it kind of
slow'n' steady. Oh well at least i made it there... unlike yesterday Zzzzzzzzz.

Speaking of ZZZZZzzzz, might just go check out my bed... see if its still there..... straighten it out...Zzzzzzzzz, mmmm i love to zzzzzzzz. I'm just checking for holes in my eyelids....


Debstar said...

Yes Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzing is good. I like to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Cherub said...


I've tagged you. Come visit my blog.


Kristy said...

Sleep well, I love my sleep so nice and warm in my flannelette sheets. Mmmm wish I was there now instead of work....