Sunday, May 06, 2007

dodgy drinks

My mojo has found it's way back! Well kind of. I can't officially say it's back after only one week of pulling my finger out my large butt, however its a reasonable start.

This week my exercise has included:
2 x 45min runs,
1 weights session (upper body)
1 HIIT session (running)
one game of squash! (Tania whipped me 3 - zip) boo
Well heeello 'Mrs fitness' and welcome back! yeah yeah.
I have got up 3 times before morning shifts to do my workouts (yawn) thank god I have friends silly enough to join me at 5am, otherwise I would have most probably piked every time.
* * * * * *
We went out for dinner to the local pub on Thursday to say bye to 2 Agency Nurses that have just done a stint here while travelling around Australia. They were both really nice girls (very sorry to see them go...was hoping to hook them up with some hunky 'local' dude so they'd stay in the town... no luck... no hunky dudes to be seen within a 400 mile radius!!).
Anyway... husband (and come to think of it everyone else but me) got drastically drunk, noone had planned to, but it just turned out to be a fun night with a tonne of drinks. I was trying to take it very slow in the drinks dept, i had a 12hr shift the next day starting at 7am and didn't fancy feeling sleep deprived and seedy. I was sipping on a 'Smirnoff twist' - a girly Vodka drink that looks like Lemonade and tastes like lemonade, when Tiff decided to buy shooters for pretty much the whole bar and insisted on me 'shooting'. NO WAY i said... i hate shooters. They equal disaster (ie: hugging the loo puking yourself stupid for the next 8 hours) i continued to refuse so she grabbed my drink and poured the shooter into it!! The result...
It bubbled and froth'd then went almost so 'solid' you could carve it!! Bloody disgusting!
She promptly ordered me another 'Twist' and gave up on me having a shooter... thank god.
* * * * * *
I'm off to Kal again in a few minutes for 2 days.(seem to be living out a suitcase these days).
Better go!


Debstar said...

The last time I had a shooter was for my sisters 40th birthday. No puking was involved as I seem to have a cast iron stomach that will not eject alcohol. I did however end up doing the splits a number of times which was no mean feat considering I was wearing (pretend) Doc Marten boots.

I woke up the next day sick as a dog and wondering why my inner thighs hurt so much. I'm older now and know better. Yeah, next time I will not wear boots when I'm doing the splits heheheheh

Debstar said...

Great post by the way.

jodie said...

Yah for the mojo! Ewww for the drink. That looks truly horrid.