Thursday, May 31, 2007

A chocolate egg

I went to the gym at 5am with JB but i did nothing! After a pathetic 5 minute bike ride warm-up, I crawled onto the exercise mat on the floor... and stayed there. I seriously tried to find an ounce of enthusiasm in my big lump of a body, but it didn't happen. JB said I'm sacked as a gym buddy. I then spent the whole 8 hours of my morning shift at work praying everyone would piss off so I could hide and snooze... but it didn't happen and it seems the whole freakin town decided they needed to see a nurse this morning. Ugh. It was a loooong shift. I came home, plonked myself on the lounge and fell asleep in 10 seconds flat. Zzzzzzzz

Now I feel fantastic!! Never ever ever underestimate the power of a quality nanna-nap.

* * * * * *

Husband rang me at work this morning and i obviously sounded like a whiny-pain-in-the-arse neurotic wife who was at risk of throwing herself in front of the next oncoming road train... because - he then came up to the hospital to visit & make sure I was okay.
He came & found me, gave me a hug, then pulled a Kinder surprise egg out of his pocket and gave it to me!! Awesome... I love love love Kinders', they have chocolate AND a trinket (what am i... like 3 years old??!). Sometimes he just knows how to cheer me up, it made me feel all warm n fuzzy

Gawd I'm high maintenance!!

Bahh... everyone has their crazy days, at least mine was cured with a Kinder and a snooze.


Kristy said...

Your husband sounds really sweet. Kinder chocolate is a great little gift chocolate and trinket you can't ask for more than that...

I've had those gym days where you go and have no energy. The best things is to take it easy as it's normally your body trying to tell you something!

Jennafina said...

Yeah you better not slack off again at the gym because next time you do decide to take a nap on the floor - BEWARE - cause I'll have my camera in my bag, take some shots and put it on my blog!!!!

Tan said...

Oh Husband being a sweety!
Go Jen. I wanna see the photos if it happens.
She doesn't gym with me anymore coz I dont let her sleep.

The One and Only A said...

I love taking naps. In fact, I'm taking one now. How is that even *possible*?! :-O

Debstar said...

I just love a man who comes bearing chocolates.

My daughter brought home kinder surprises from Italy last year. They are much nicer than our Aussie ones.