Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Fun Run

Well I did it! The Mothers Day Classic Fun Run/Walk is done and dusted! We had a great turn out...approx 50 people, the coppers helped out by providing a sausage sizzle and we had helium balloons and spot prizes thanks to local donations. I had lots of help from friends (& husband) and the morning went reasonably smooth. We gave out helium balloons to everyone to release before the walk to 'remember those affected by Breast Cancer' ... it gave me goosebumps thinking of my Gran & my Mum.

My 4km running effort was pathetic! My shins went into a major spasm almost straight away and i had to stop & walk. That hasn't happened to me for ages, I think it was probably from the dirt track... the surface was 'mobile' and I think (??) I may have been 'gripping' a bit with my toes. Thats my excuse anyway. It bloody hurts when it happens, my feet point down and my shins cramp/spasm to the point where I can't flex my foot up & i feel like throwing up ...nice. Oh well, no land-speed record made by me today! Tania did the 8km run (despite her clagged up flu-ey nostrils!!) Lewie & Adam jogged 4km, otherwise everyone else walked. Tiff took her dogs and dressed them up in pink Tshirts! They looked great. I'd post pics BUT for some reason I can't seem to on this computer anymore... it keeps saying 'error'. WTF?? No pics makes me feel NAKED! I can't blame blogger, I think it's something to do with security settings on this computer which i know N O T H I N G about. Boo.

* * * * * *
Happy Mothers Day!!

* * * * * *

My 3 days off are over, back to work tomorrow. This week is going to be a Drea-week. Me me me me me. I need to focus on ME. Not work, not the fun run but ME! Well thats my plan.



Debstar said...

50 people is a fantastic turnout. Congratulations, you deserve a huge pat on the back.
Hope you enjoy being No 1 for awhile.

Melissa said...

Sorry about the shin problems, but if it has to happen, it happened for a great cause.

Have fun with the Drea week!

Kristy said...

Hey great job on organising a Mother Day Classic race. 50 people is a great turn out and it sounds like everyone had a great day.