Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weedy Principal

Hmmm, i just spent two days in Kal at an Occ Health and safety managers course (when i'm not even a manager) learning to 'spot the hazard' ....... hazard smashzard, if i hear the word hazard or worksafe again in the next week - I'm going to consider myself an impending incident. I am hopeless attending workshops/conferences that i have minimal interest in. I get this involuntary sleepy thing, where no matter what i do my eyes just try their hardest to close, my vision goes fuzzy and staying awake is like harder than crawling up Mt Everest with a sumo suit on. Its awful. I make myself sit right up the front in the middle so i have to pay attention and get involved, but even then sometimes i battle. Two WHOLE L-O-N-G days listening to one dude who's passion is job safety analysis. what a blast.

* * * * * *
Okay, now I've got that out of my system I'll brag about the fact i've now got 3 days off. Yipppee! The Mothers Day Classic is on Sunday. We have 42 people registered so far (YAY!) and hopefully a few more will turn up on the day. I got all the 'freebies' in the mail yesterday - Groovy bright PINK Tupperware bottles, PINK bags and medallions with a PINK ribbon! I was very impressed! (being a pink lover and all!) Also got the merchandise I Tshirt for me and a blue one for husband. I've got a few last minute things to organise tomorrow then we'll cross our fingers and pray for sunshine on Sunday!

* * * * * *

I went outside yesterday arvo to put some rubbish in the bin. While out there I noticed some weeds in my side garden bed, so (ever the queen of procrastination) i sat on the edge of the driveway to pull a few out. Without any thought whatsoever... i then hurled a handful over the fence (a low fence facing into the vacant bushland next door).
Then i heard a "hey...whoah!"
Then i looked up
Double-shit, crap

I had just hurled my handful of soggy-red-dirt-encrusted weeds straight onto the School Principals nice Navy Blazer as he innocently walked past on his way home from work.
Unfortunately for me he lives next door- which is going to make it pretty hard to hide from him for the next month while i recover from embarrassment.

* * * * * *

Yay 3 days off... did i mention that already???
Yay ya yayayayayaya.

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