Saturday, June 02, 2007

big weekend

I love the show Will & Grace and luckily for me it's on Foxtel pretty much all the time. I don't care if I've seen the episode three times already... i still laugh. I think it should be called 'Jack & Karen' though... since they are what makes the show... bloody funny, Jack is a scream.

* * * * * *

Its the big annual weekend here in town... lots of things happening. We have running races
('The Mile') that attracts pro-sprinters to compete, horse races and a Country & Western street concert (yeee-haar!). I had an extra nurse rostered on the evening shift at the hospital because we have like a gazillion extra folk in town and guess how many patients we saw this arvo??


Yep zilcho! Typical! Oh well, I guess thats good... just hope night shift don't get a mass of drunken souls.

* * * * * *

I went and watched the Cycle challenge this morning.
Lots of professional cyclists.. also lots of little school kids on bikes that seemed taller than them (very cute!). I really went to cheer on JB... who had partnered up with Tracey to do the 50km ride. There were no female 'local' entrants, so they decided yesterday afternoon that they would do it, they borrowed a Mountain bike and signed up this morning !!! (nothing like a last minute spare of the moment decision!) My god, i thought they were nuts, but they did really well. They found the 25km each easy...and scored themselves $250 prize money! Gooo girls!

I don't think they'll be able to walk for a week, but at least they have a medal to show for it.


Jennafina said...


Surprise, surprise - had a little back pain after race but did some stretching exercise straight after and the only pain I have is a sore arse from sitting on the bike not bad for a $125.00.

Melissa said...

Good for JB and Tracey!