Friday, June 29, 2007

pathetic passenger

I'm now 34. That means I'm half way to being 68 and thats old.

I had a relaxing birthday, I spent time in my art room making cards and also had a long soak in the bath, oh and of course i managed to squeeze in a nanna nap as well. Zzzz
I got some great prezzies... vouchers, alcohol, choccies (have scoffed them already), socks, clothes.

Today its my Dads birthday, he's 65. Happy Birthday old boy.

* * * * * *

Yesterday Husband and i went to Kal for the day, he desperately needed a haircut (he was looking very shaggy) and we needed to get a few things like dog food & human food (note the order of priority there).

I am an awful travel-buddy. Any time I'm passenger i snooze. 5km into the trip and my eyelids start getting very heavy, i'm yawning, eyes are glazing over, i reach for the recline lever on the seat, place my pillow in position.. 5, 4, 3, 2, Zzzzz.
I've always been like that and apart from the anti-social-ness of it, I think it's actually a bonus for me that I can sleep so easily -it makes the journey so much quicker! Lucky for me - husband is used to my pathetic-ness and willingly drives the whole way. I close my eyes and it feels like 5 minutes later we're arriving at our destination when in fact its been over a 2 hour journey. 'whoah.... what, we're here... already?'
On the way home I was asleep within my usual 5 minutes, I woke after an hour - my bladder the size of a footy (600ml of Diet Coke will do that to you) 'I need to pee' i say to husband with an urgent look on my face. He rolls his eyes, pulls over to the side of the road, i scurry into the bush to relieve the football-bladder, return to the car, we take off and i snooze again. Husband really is a saint for putting up with me.

* * * * * *
I've just had a 6am workout at the gym with JB. I did X-trainer intervals and 'random' walking program on the treadmill - which is a hill workout. By the end of it my quads felt like they were on fire. Its kind of a good feeling though after a big 'hill' when the incline reduces back to near-flat... your legs feel all jelly like and weird.

I'm off to soak in the bath. Nice.


Anonymous said...


Oh my gawd you did not go back to bed after gym session you went straight to your blog.

No doubt you are well and truly sleeping now.


Jo said...

Glad you had a good birthday...I did think of you.

Ma and I just read your ramblings!!!

Jo and Ma XX

Debstar said...

oiii. 65 is NOT that old. My mum is 70 something and she is young. Really. She plays gold and tennis and walks with friends ( she has an artificial leg) and she goes to the movies once a week and plays cards with her mates and then she goes out with us (her daughters) once a month. Not old at all. It's all in the mind.

Travelling in the car has exactly the same effect on me. I don't need drugs, just a driver.

Drea said...

JB you know me too well.

Jo ... I can't believe you showed Ma my blog. Your history... off the favourite-sister-list. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???!!

Deb I know that age is purely a number. 65 is still OLD tho and i have great pleasure in reminding my folks of that fact daily!

Melissa said...

Ah, you're just a young'un yet. Wait until you hit 35 - that's half of 70!


A decrepit reader

P.S. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, Drea.

Drea said...

What was that Mel? Hang on I'll just turn my hearing aid up...

Oh yes the dreaded 35...I've already put a down payment on a Zimmer frame for my 35th birthday.

The One and Only A said...

Happy birthday, Drea! Belated but heartfelt. BTW, love the doggies. Is that one a pit bull?

Drea said...

No Adam not a pit bull (but we get asked that a bit)they're both Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The Brindle is 13yrs old and the white one is nearly 3.

Do you know they're trying to ban Pit bulls here??