Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A new use for a sharps container.

For a few days there has been this stench of stale urine in A&E at work. Initially i have to be honest and say i thought that the guy i was treating for a suspected heart attack had pee'd his pants... however went he left the stench didn't.

So last night i went into sniffer-dog mode.

The smell was particularly strong near the entry of A&E, near the first stretcher bed. Sniff, sniff... nothing seen that was obviously the culprit. Smelt the curtains -nothing. Mopped the floor -still there. Changed the stretcher bed linen completely and wiped the whole bed over (twice) with disinfectant...still stenchy. Where was it coming from??

Then later on I was checking our Resus trolley & defibrillator when i noticed the stench was particularly strong in that area.
I was like a bloodhound on a mission.

Sniff, sniff..... sniiiiffff....
Sniff sniff....Ewwwwww YUK!!!
D I S G U ST I N G !!!!!!!!
I'd found the source...someone had Pee'd in the sharps container that hangs off the side of the Resus trolley!!! What a Dirty DOG!
The container looks exactly like the one above (except ours are bright yellow) which if you'll take a moment to consider with me...poses two huge risks to ones manhood (presuming it was a man that was responsible... and I'm CERTAIN only a man would be daft enough to do such a thing)
a) the container was over half full of sharps (old needles etc) one 'prick' could have proved very nasty.
b) see those little plastic slits at the top of the container?? That is so when things are put in the container, they don't come out.
It could've been oh-so-much worse.

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Debstar said...

Yuck Yuck Yuck More visuals I could do without. lol