Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wonder Woman

I went to a meeting out at Gwalia the other day and stopped off to take some snaps of the cute little miners huts and surrounds. This place is magic, I could spend hours wandering around checking out the old houses & cars. I always find myself thinking how on earth people lived in these tin shacks, they must have been so hot in summer and bloody freezing in winter.

Thank god for my reverse-cycle airconditioning... microwave oven... washing water system........
* * * * * *
Moron-Murphy-dog has a sore leg.
Husband and I tried to have a romantic (?!) movie night the other day (he cooks my fave pasta meal, we watch movies, drink wine, eat chocolate & if he plays his cards right he gets lucky;o)) and hence the dogs were banished to the back yard.
But it was raining... and when it rains Murphy does drips. He jumps up trying to catch the falling drips from the verandah and he does it continually. Bark... jump.. somersault..bark
The next day he was limping. Perhaps one of his somersaults didn't go as planned.
* * * * * *
Husbands mate Lewie has written me a gym program to try out. I did the 'legs' workout this morning. Now my legs feel like jelly.
Tomorrow i'll do arms. Its nice to do something different, and I know I should do more toning/weights but I'm always a bit lost on what I actually should be doing.
When Lewie asked me what my 'goals' were i said "I want to look like Wonder Woman"... he said 'no problems, we can achieve that, but you'll have to wear your undies on the outside!'


Jo said...

attractive! undies on the outside.

You are crazy, you already look good, just come and stand next to me!!!!!

Jo xx

The One and Only A said...

Yeah, wear your knickers on the outside! Do it, Drea! Do it, Drea! ;-)

Start a trend.

Melissa said...

Great pictures!

Reading about your workouts is slowly but surely encouraging me to add a few situps and/or pushups to my day. So thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,
I suck as a semi friend - I forgot you were a cancerean that is until of course I saw the blogs and my memory switched back on! yay for birthdays and yay for another year of wisdom and yay for presents to unwrap - I do remember how much you completly love presents! Sound like your day was lovely all be it a tad cold - all the better to doona snuggle of course as boy 1 and 2 proved!!

Anyways must go collect husband from work - you'd be amazed at how much of a good wife I am now days!(heheh!!)i even cooked dinner for him tonight hey,hey!! anyways hope this note finds you well and as gorgeous as ever!! (just the way you are!!) xo Leif I love your blog pages! fabulous!

Drea said...

Thats it... when I do look as fabulous as Wonder woman I AM gonna wear my undies on the outside... its a promise!

Yay Melissa... you go girl maybe you too can be an outer-undies girl!

Hi Leifer!Great to hear from you! I miss seeing your smiley little face around! Nice to hear you're spoiling John... hope he's doing the same to you! ;o)

Oh... Jo I'm still not talking to you because you showed Mum my blog!!!!!(okay i appreciate its available for the entire world to read but she's a computer-spaz and i thought i was 'safe'... haaaarr!!

Only kidding, i don't really care xx