Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ripleys believe it or not

Can you believe Sean just DIED in All Saints??? Huh?? where did that come from?? He was the only reason i watched.

Can you believe our computer is FIXED?

Can you believe they ACTUALLY sent a technician to outback Leo to FIX it???! Wow.

Can you believe I actually submitted my job application with 5 hours to spare? Wow again.

Can you believe I'm posting this?


Debstar said...

A nurse who watches All Saints??!!!
Don't you get enough of work? Do you also watch Greys Anatomy and House?

Stubby said...

Well... there is nothing unusual about nurses watching All Saints, Gray's Anatomy, House, RPA, etc... is there Drea.

Hehe... I love finding the mistakes and marvel at the lack of nurses in House. Ever noticed that?

I have to admit.. I tried watching All Saints but... hmm just didn't get inspired by it.. that was when it was still all happening on the Wards... maybe it has improved now that they are in the ER... has it?

I am quite hooked on House...

OK... Drea... I will cross my fingers now that you will get the DON's job. Typing will be a bit of a challenge but hey... anything for a friend :-)

Melissa said...

Yay for the computer and its fixedness! It's a great feeling when you've been frustrated by and waiting on something, and then it says ... Drea, Log On.

Keep us in the loop with the job!

Drea said...

I know i know... nurses watching nursie shows...very daggy! I never used to like All Saints till they moved out of that bloody 'Ward 17' and into A&E... much more exciting (?)since then... okay 'exciting' is probably a tad over the top.

Thanks for the good 'job' wishes all... cross your fingers.. toes...legs...eyes....