Friday, June 08, 2007

Step AWAY from the camera!!

Okay, I know I've been going a bit beserk with the pic-posting... but hey, there is a lot of lost time to make up.

I've been so keen to capture some pics I even took my camera to the gym this morning (much to JB's disgust) ... but she got me back and snapped a pic of me on the treadmill.

Putting my earphones in ready to jog a mini marathon (??)

Faster JB... FASTER!!!

* * * * * *

Midget left on a jet-plane today... i've been singing that darn song in my head ALL day... 'I'm leeeeavin' on a jet plane.. don't know if I'll be back again..' I took her out to the airport, she's off on a 5 week European holiday... lucky thing. She'd better post plenty or I'll be leaving rude comments on her blog! Actually she didn't look overly excited, I wanted to smack her in the noggin and shout 'do you know what your about to do???!!' I think she was pre-occupied with deep thoughts and perhaps a bit nervous. Actually I'm sure its because she's going to miss us here sooo much that she was holding back the tears.

Maybe not.
Of COURSE I took my camera to the airport...

Thats her at the back in the beige coat... bye bye Tan.... have fun!

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Ariella said...

Well said.