Wednesday, June 20, 2007

clutz in the gym

I went to the gym solo today. it seems i'm having a run of being 'stood up' by my gym dates (do i smell?!) Husband & i planned to go this morning at 8am, he was on a 10am shift & i had the day off. The alarm woke us at 7:30, so up we get with the best of intentions.
Then there was a knock at the door. someone came to find the police at our HOUSE because some dude was running a muck in town stealing things. Huh??? What happened to the idea of using a PHONE to call the Police??! Okay i admit at the moment we have a huge Police Car parked out the front of our house (which kind of screams 'Policeman lives here') but knocking on the door at 7:30am? WTF??
Anyway, off husband went to dutifully 'protect life and property'.... gym session cancelled.
Me? what did i do?
I did what any good wife would have done... i went back to bed. Zzzzz.

I did manage to drag myself to the gym this arvo at 2pm. Did a long run and some intervals on the x-trainer. (trying to build up my 'skiing legs' ... only 6 weeks to go till NZ!)
I was in the gym on my own - LUCKILY because when i was running on the treadmill, I accidentally swiped my iPod cord with my hand... knocking my iPod off so it fell onto the treadmill mat. In my fatigued-frenzied effort to avoid stepping on it (which wouldve equalled one very sick iPod) i came to within a millimeter of falling off the tready!! My god, it was like


hop...skip...stumble...squeal...stumble a bit more... (hit emergency STOP)


Puff puff!
compose self
Pick up iPod
resume running like nothing ever happened.

And I have the balls to laugh at other people in the gym??! ha!


Sue said...

Drea you are so funny, I could imagine in my head the falling off the treadie, with every hop skip jump, I could see it all :) As for the person looking for the Police, hummmm is there more than one Officer in your town??? What were they thinking, lucjy they didn;t get arrested themselves for disturbing the peace.

Melissa said...

Hee hee, that was a great mental picture.

Sue said...

Love the new colours and header Drea, was a pleasant suprise this morning.

Debstar said...

Me too. Verrrry pretty.