Saturday, June 16, 2007

dodgy computer

Crap shit crap crap crap.

Our wonderful spanker of a new computer is caput. Wow, it lasted a long time didn't it???!
We're not sure whats going on with it, it was working kinda fine... then started doing weird shit (which we partly blamed on Windows 'Vista' glitches) like freezing screens & not allowing some pages to load, then the bluetooth mouse & key board all of a sudden weren't being recognised by the computer... so Dell (who have been very helpful I must say - given we live in the middle of nowhere) sent us a new keyboard and mouse ASAP thinking that was the problem... but no, of COURSE it wasn't that simple. Husband has spent atleast 6 (yes SIX) HOURS on the phone talking through every kind of possible 'push this button then click on this while holding that..' scenario with the Dell computer helpline people (I'm not kidding... he's been on the phone 2 days solid) trying to sort it out. Fuuuuccckkk. It's still not sorted, so we had to hang our heads low, drag our old computer out from the spare room (I bet old computer is laughing at uncontrollably) and plug it all back in while we sit 'n wait for news on whats happening next. Apparently they're sending a technician out to have a look.... Do they know where the fuck we live??????!!!!
Husband is NOT impressed, so far he hasn't blamed me for wrecking it... although I'm waiting for his over-frustrated-mega-stressed brain to pop that comment out of his mouth. He's a tad dyscopic when things don't run smoothly, although I must fess even I'd be pulling my hair out after six hours on the phone trouble shooting with an 'english-is-my-second-language' stranger. aaarrgghh.

Oh well, ho hum, at the end of the day it is only a computer. We will survive without one for a while (and look we even have a 'spare'!) so grieving isn't required just yet.

* * * * * *

My lamb roast turned out awesome!! Yay for me. I took some great pics to share... but of course I can't post them because I'm back on 'old dodgy' computer that won't let me post pics.
Ahhh, the good ol' times.


Sue said...

Hey Drea, whats the problem with posting pictures? I did have an issue with posting until I was told to download 'firefox'. When I used to log in via internet explorer I didn;t get a done box to click but once I opened via FireFox I did get the done box to click and there was my picture, noce and shiny on my blog. Give it ago, should be able to find a free download on the net.

Debstar said...

Well done on the lamb roast it's not that that hard after all is it.