Friday, June 08, 2007

Blah blah

Just for T O A O... finally I got round to it!!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Umm, 1997.
I'd split from my boyfriend..was miserable and about 15kg lighter than I am now!!

What was I doing one year ago?
I'm struggling to think of something exciting to say here. Sorry but same ol' same ol' i'm afraid to say. Living here in Leo, working and looking forward to my next holiday!

Five snacks I enjoy

1. IC (of course!)
2. Promite and egg sandwiches
3. Oats in any form... hot, cold, raw, cooked... Mmmmm
4. Freckles.... microwaved so they're soft
5. Carrots n Salsa

Five Songs to which I know all the lyrics
  • 'Leavin... on a jet-plane' haa!
  • Pretty much all the Wiggles tunes - (thats what you get for working in a kids hospital for 10 years)
  • Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita' ... I loved that song in high school. I learnt all the words off by heart so I could sing along (I thought i was really cool!)
  • Evanescence 'Broken' I just love that song at the moment... not sure why.
  • Shakira 'Hips don't lie' - it's my 'get me moving' gym song!

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire (can I be a multi ?)

I'd buy a holiday home near a ski resort somewhere (1) and then I'd hire a hunky ski instructor (2) to give me lots of lessons whenever I wanted them.

I'd send my parents on an overseas holiday (3) and pay off my sisters house (4). Oh and I'd probably share some of my $$ with husband (5)!!

Five Bad habits

  1. I sleep too much
  2. I always make a huge mug of tea/coffee and only drink half of it
  3. I am the queen of unfinished tasks.... lots of half-done things.
  4. I procrastinate... always leave things till the last minute.
  5. I'm terrible at caring for my expensive sunnies... I never put them in their case, I put them on the table face down, drop them... husband goes ballistic at me and I never seem to change despite my bestest efforts (honest!).

Five things I like doing...

  1. Sleeping... snuggling in bed with my big fluffy blanket... Mmmmm
  2. Playing with new gadgets- figuring out how to use them etc.
  3. Relaxing with my folks in Walpole. It's the absolute in relaxation and 'comfort' being with Ma n Pa!
  4. Playing in my art room... creating masterpieces!! (okay, that was a's more like creating more junk)
  5. Motorbike riding through the scrub.

Gawd..are we done yet?? This seems to be going on forever......

Five things I would never wear again...

  1. Body suits! My god, they are NOT made for people with long bodies. Those little push-stud thingy's can cause serious harm to girly bits.
  2. A bikini (whale watch alert)
  3. A school uniform...eww that starched blouse, pleated skirt and sandals. Yuk.
  4. That A-frame white Nurses uniform that used to be standard for Nurses. Whoever invented that had tastebuds in their butts and had NO respect for the female figure whatsoever. (Not to mention the fact that they were WHITE... very see through and impossible to wash blood out of)
  5. Wool. Yuk... bloody scratchy horrible stuff. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Five favourite toys...

My iPod, my olden day wind up metal toy duck (very cool), my eyelet setter, my Dymo printer tape thingy and my digital camera.

* * * * * *


The One and Only A said...

You do realise, dont'cha, that two of the "things that I'll never wear again" are often seen as pretty sexy to the male's crocodile brain, right? The white nurse's outfit and the schoolgirl outfit. I'm assuming, of course, that the nurse outfit is complete with tottering six-inch stilettos and the schoolgirl skirt is plaid and worn with white knee-highs.


Melissa said...

I'm off to google promite and freckles, be right back.

Oh my. I think google failed me on the freckle bit. The only Australian definition I found is not something I think would be on your list of favorite snacks, not to mention it would be very difficult to microwave.

I hear you on the body suits.

Debstar said...

Drea, You have weird taste buds!
Have you heard Janice Joplin's version of Leaving on a Jet Plane? Her best song by far.

Now I'm wondering what Melissa found on freckle. If I'm right in thinking what she found, it probably tastes a bit like promite. he he

Tan said...

Leaving on a jet plane!!!! Well in about 18 hours. Ye Ha. Getting excited now. All organised!!11
Miss you already.. MMMMwaaahhh
Nice Photos. Glad to see you got it all working

Drea said...

Adam your such a BOY... complete with crocodile-brain n all!

Melissa I must help you out with the Freckles thing. Will try & find a pic.

Deb i once had to go to a Murder Mystery night dressed as Janice Joplin... i had no idea who she was!! I had to 'Google' her!!

Have fun on your jet-plane Tan!