Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nightshift suits quokkas and nothing else

Jeezus this page is bright and a tad too cheery at 3am! I almost need sunnies.

Well here i am again on nightshift. Who's the idiot that does the rosters? (umm that would be me) ....yawn. Why is it that although i slept 8 solid hours today, my brain tells me its time to be snoozing now? Does it forget about the sleep i already had?

I went to the gym after waking at 4pm - husband and Lewie went too, but they played squash, so i had the gym all to myself which was a bonus. After my 50 minute workout i watched them play squash for a bit. They are lunatics on the squash court... running at a million miles an hour, diving for the ball, smashing into the walls. The competition between them is huge, they came out looking like dripping beetroots. It was quite entertaining to watch.

I got an early birthday card from my Dad today which was a great suprise. He's such a cute old bloke. He's up north working for a few weeks, and he sent me a separate card just from him (usually Mum does the birthday card/prez thing from both of them). He'd tucked a $50 note into a Miss Piggy birthday card, and written 'happy birthday for the 27th... hope you don't wind up with a sore head'.
Ha! Nice one father bear!


jodie said...

Bright blog Drea, love the gerberas. So you are a June baby too?!

Melissa said...

Pretty flowers!

And happy upcoming birthday!